Whole Plant Full Spectrum Tincture Cinnamon

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Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil


  • Longer-Lasting
  • More Plant Material Included
  • Great Bioavailablity
  • Terpene Rich
  • Full Spectrum
  • USDA Organic


We took our proprietary extraction process one step further with our new USDA Certified Organic Whole Plant Tincture. This rich tincture features even more whole-plant ingredients than our original variety, including increased flavonoids, more bountiful terpenes, and the chlorophyl that delivers its deep color. This might just be the “earthiest” hemp tincture on the market. Experience organic, whole-plant hemp extract today. Choose our Natural formula for an earthy hemp profile or indulge in our organic flavorings with sweet Blueberry, warm Cinnamon, or juicy Strawberry.

Hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds for convenient on-the-go delivery with a plant-rich, multifaceted effect. This full-spectrum hemp oil is packed with more beneficial minor cannabinoids than most full spectrum products on the market, and our formulas come in a variety of hemp concentrations that allow for customized, accurate wellness regimens.