Hemp Oil - Broad Spectrum - CBNplus - Blackberry - 33mg (1000mg)

Hemp Oil - Broad Spectrum - CBNplus - Blackberry - 33mg (1000mg)

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Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil for Nighttime Use

Now with 250% more CBN!

  • Nighttime Formula
  • Longer-Lasting
  • Great Bioavailablity
  • Terpene Rich
  • Broad Spectrum


A minor cannabinoid with major potential, CBN brings a new depth to this broad spectrum tincture. This tincture features our plant-rich hemp extract and a diverse cannabinoid profile to promote the entourage effect, but it has been reprocessed to reduce the THC content to non-detectable levels. Our nighttime formula also features a botanical blend of valerian root and lavender essential oils with linalool at the center of its terpene profile. Found in a variety of plants and spices, linalool is a key element of lavender’s relaxing effects. Let this gentle tincture be your guide as you drift off to a fulfilling night’s sleep.

Hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds about 30 minutes before bed for convenient on-the-go delivery with a plant-rich, multifaceted effect. This Broad Spectrum hemp oil is packed with more beneficial minor cannabinoids than most full spectrum products on the market.

*This product is not intended to cure or treat insomnia.