Coming Soon - Stronger Neuro, Pet Tinctures, and Hemp Oil - CBG Pre-Rolls

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4 new products are now in the pipeline and are currently being lab tested. Stay tuned to this Blog, Facebook, and Email to be the first to know when they're available!



Full Spectrum 3000mg Natural Hemp Oil

Our highest-potency 3000mg (100mg per dropper) Natural Hemp Oil has always been available in Broad Spectrum. Soon, it will be available in Full Spectrum as well for a stronger entourage effect!


Broad Spectrum 500mg Pet Bacon Hemp Oil

Our most popular flavored hemp oil for your fur babies, Bacon, is loved by dogs and cats alike! Our current 250mg bottles work exceptionally well, but can run out quickly for larger (75lb+) animals. Soon, you can purchase a more cost-effective 500mg bottle that will last twice as long!


Full Spectrum 900mg Neuro Water Soluble

Our specially formulated CBG-Rich Neuro Water Soluble has been the #1 go-to product for some people due to how CBG interacts with the CB1 receptors in the central nervous system. Soon it will also be available in Full Spectrum also, for a stronger entourage effect!


CBG Pre-Rolls

Thus far we've only carried our CBG Raw Hemp and our newly available CBG + CBD Mixed Raw Hemp in 7g and 14g canisters. Soon it will also be available pre-rolled for convenient, on-the-go & no hassle experience!

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