Demystifying CBD – A Beginner’s Guide

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You probably have many questions about topics surrounding CBD: Cannabinoids, Terpenes, the Endocannabinoid System, Drug Testing, Product Quality & Contaminants, and the list goes on. It’s a complicated topic. However, the most common questions are: “What does CBD do?”, “Is CBD safe?”, and “How can CBD benefit me?” If you’re seeking answers to these questions, read on.

Of course, you can simply Google your questions. If you’ve tried this, you already know that good information can be hard to come by. There’s quite a lot of conflicting information out there, a lot of outrageous claims, simple anecdotes, marketing, and straight out misinformation. The most reliable info is usually found in scholarly articles published in scientific and medical journals, and websites like the NIH (National Institute of Health). I’m not sure if you’ve tried reading one of these yet, and I encourage you to do so. That said, scholarly articles don’t read like a Stephen King novel!

So, my goal in this series is to review some of those articles, unpack them, and present only the facts to you. I’ll break down the information into bite-sized chunks that should only require 3 – 5 minutes to read. There will be no formulas or equations, and you won’t need a Chemistry, Medical, or English degree to understand it. I will cite my source material at the bottom of each article so you can fact-check my information, and I hope you do!

What does CBD do?

Is CBD safe?

How can CBD benefit me?

These questions don’t have simple answers. Research is ongoing, studies are continually being done, and your own body is different from everyone else’s. What you will gain from this series is some basic self-education about your body’s Endocannabinoid System, how it works (and doesn’t work), how it interacts with cannabinoids, and more. This knowledge should enable you to ask better, more relevant questions, and allow you to make informed decisions for yourself instead of letting “The Internet” decide for you!


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